What’s Nicolink?

"Nicolink" is the Childcare Support Center in Sakae Ward.

The Childcare Support Center set up at each ward in Yokohama city provides the space

where the pre-school also gives advice for the child care, and provides information on the child care.



We also carry out the training meeting for people who are interested in the child care support.


“Nicolink” is the free public institation everyone can use after registration, aiming at creating commuity strength for

the child care supported by whole community, for making the family and society where people can raise their children

with no anxiety and feel pleasure of the child care.



Nicolink is operated with the following 5 functions.

Space for parents and children (おやこの場所)

We provide the space for parents and children and people from different generations so that they can be relaxed

and exchange information.


Advice for the child care (子育てケア)

Please talk to staff anything without hesitation. We have a consultation room. There are some consultation days by a midwife.


Information provision (情報提供)

We inform various information on the child care like local events.


Networking (ネットワーク作り)

We aim at creating the community where the parents and child care supporters build networks

by excharge information each other so that people can raise children with no anxiety.


Manpower training (人材育成)

We provide some training workshop and exchange oppotunities for people who are interested

in the child care support, the child care supporters and students.


Rules of Nicolink


When you come to Nicolink(ひろばにきたら)

【For the first visit】(はじめての方)

・You need to registrate for using Nicolink. Please fill in a registration form for utilization at the reception.

After the registration, a staff shows you how to use Nicolink.



【For the second or after visit】(2回目以降の方)

・Please show us your member card you would get at the first visit at the reception.


・Put the member card in a special case holder and wear it at your stay all along in Nicolink.


・Write your child name on a color tape classified by age and put it on your child cloth anywhere everyone can see.


・When you go back to home, show us the member card for leaving and return the special case holder at the



When you are staying at Nicolink(ひろばご利用中は)

・Put your bag and baggage in the shelf and take care your valuables.


・Use toys and books belonged to Nicolink.


・We recommed to take off the child socks for prevention of slip when your child plays.


・Take care of your child not to get hurt.


・Follow instruction of the staff at the disaster like earthquake.


・We don’t baby-sitting.


・Change a diaper at a set place and take the diaper away with you.


・When you leave Nicolink, come to the reception.


About food and drink (お食事などは)

・Lunch time is 12:00pm to 12:45pm.


・Do not eat except at before and after the lunch time. Ask the staff about baby food if you want to give

except at the lunch time.


・We prepare hot water for powdered milk.


・Do not bring snacks for consideration of allergy.


・Take your litter away with you.


Other rules(その他のお願い)

・When you come to Nicolink, use the public transportation.


・Keep the baby buggy(stroller) to be folded at set place. Do not smoke at Nicolink.


・If toys and books belonged to Nicolink are broken, let us know it.